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One "Take" for all 32 NFL Teams From Week 2

Arizona Cardinals

The Take: There’s not much besides Kyler Murray.

If it weren’t for Murray’s heroics, the Cardinals would’ve been blown out by the Raiders. The Cardinals have work to do but as long as they’ve got Kyler Murray, they’re a threat to win games.

Atlanta Falcons ​

The Take: Don’t let the score fool you.

Atlanta lost 31-27 to the Rams and the score is a little deceptive. The Falcons were massively outplayed for the majority of the game and if it weren’t for a Rams meltdown, the scoreboard would have shown that too.

Baltimore Ravens

The Take: Lamar can’t play defense.

318 passing yards, 3 passing TDs, 119 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD. I mean, what else can Lamar Jackson do? He helped put 38 points up on the board and watched his defense choke a game away.

Buffalo Bills

The Take: Dominating.

This one’s pretty simple. There’s really not too much to say about the Bills besides the fact that they dominated the Titans on all cylinders.

Carolina Panthers

The Take: Start out fast!

The Panthers fumbled the opening kickoff and then fumbled on their next possession of the game. It’s hard to win games when you start like that…

Chicago Bears

The Take: Aaron Rodgers owns you.

Look, I'm a Bears fan, but I’m not gonna deny it. Rodgers has some ownership of the franchise. After another beatdown on Sunday Night Football, Rodgers is now 23-5 against the Bears in his career.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Take: Last year seems more like a fluke than the standard.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but as of right now the Bengals don’t look like a very good football team. It makes you wonder, was last year’s Super Bowl run a stroke of good fortune?

Cleveland Browns

The Take: F*** their fans

This isn’t targeted at all Browns fans because I know there are some good ones out there. In the home opener we saw….

  • T-shirts saying “B**** give me a massage!”

  • A father and his young son holdings signs where one read “F*** them Ho**” and “Free Watson”

  • 2 jersey’s with Watson’s #4 on them, but instead of having the last name read “Watson,” one jersey read “Rubbing” and the other “Tugging”

  • A massage table set up at a tailgate that had a sign on it reading “Happy endings are not illegal”

This is just disgusting and insensitive.

Dallas Cowboys

The Take: Big Time Rush.

With no Dak Prescott, everyone counted Dallas out against Cincinnati and someone forgot to tell replacement QB Cooper Rush. Rush threw for 253 yards and a TD and kept the turnover sheet blank as he led the Cowboys to a big Week 2 win.

Denver Broncos

The Take: This is not how things were supposed to go.

After a rough showing at Seattle in Russell Wilson’s return home, Wilson and the Broncos disappointed in their home opener against the Texans. Yes, they walked away with a win, but for the sky high expectations for WIlson and the Broncos, (like winning the Super Bowl as I predicted) this hasn’t been the start to the season we were hoping to see.

Detroit Lions

The Take: It’s Aman-Ra St. Brown’s world and we’re just living in it.

9 catches, 116 yards, 2 Touchdowns, 2 carries, 68 rushing yards. The offseason hype around St. Brown is legit and he’s quickly making a name for himself as one of the league's next young superstar receivers.

Green Bay Packers

The Take: There never should have been concern.

People were wondering if the Packers were done for after a week 1 loss to the Vikings (the same thing happened last season after a brutal week 1 loss to the Saints…). However, the Pack got right back on track with a drubbing of the Bears on Sunday Night Football. They’re back to looking like the juggernaut of the NFC North that they are.

Houston Texans

The Take: Open up the playbook.

A stout Denver Broncos defense made it hard on Houston all game, but the whole point of this season is finding out if Davis Love can be the future of the franchise. I want to see Houston start to open up the playbook and see what they’ve got in Love.

Indianapolis Colts

The Take: There should be concern.

I’m not one to get too worked up about an 0-2 start, but getting shutout in Jacksonville is not where the Colts should be right now. I’m expecting them to be a lot better moving forward, but they’re behind where they should be.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Take: Lawrence is figuring it out.

In Jacksonville’s 24-0 victory over the division rival Colts, Trevor Lawrence delivered his best NFL performance yet by going 25/30 for 235 yards, 2 TDs (and most importantly no interceptions). His 121.5 quarterback rating (QBR) was the highest of his career. After an underwhelming rookie season, T-Law is starting to figure things out.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Take: The short yardage offense is an issue.

Yes I know the Chiefs put up 27 points in their victory over the Chargers, but I hated the Chiefs play calling in short yardage and 3rd down situations. The calls seemed either very predictable or too fancy. This led to a lot of shortened drives. If they keep this up teams will start to take advantage.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Take: They aren’t ready yet.

The Cardinals represented a great chance for the Raiders to pick up their first win of the season, but instead, they dropped to 0-2. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Raiders were up 23-7. The fact they lost this game shows me they’re not ready to be a real player in the AFC.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Take: Catch the damn ball!

This one is solely directed at the Chargers DBs who dropped what I counted as 4 INTs in their 24-27 loss to the Chiefs. You tell me how that would have affected the final score….

Los Angeles Rams

The Take: Learn to close.

The Rams were up 28-3 at one point in this game. The final score ws 31-27… if the Rams want to make it back to the Super Bowl, they need to learn to finish against teams much better than the Falcons.

Miami Dolphins

The Take: It’s Tua time.

Throughout his entire career, Tua’s got the short end of the stick. For the first time ever, he finally has a roster around him that’s built to win. He showed he’s ready by tossing 6TDs and 469 yards in a miraculous come from behind victory over the Ravens.

Minnesota Vikings

The Take: Don’t play on Prime-Time.

This one’s completely out of the Vikings control, but Kirk Cousins and prime-time games just don’t mix. Kirk went 27/46 for a lowly 221 yards and 1 TD to go along with 3 INTs. Cousins is now 10-18 in prime-time games and an atrocious 2-10 when he appears on Monday Night Football.

New England Patriots

The Take: They’re just a bit boring.

I want to see the Patriots open up this playbook and let Mac Jones relive his senior year at Alabama. However, until that happens, Patriots football isn’t going to be the most exciting thing in the world. But hey, a win is a win.

New Orleans Saints

The Take: Their offense will determine how far they can go.

Granted, the Saints faced a tough Tampa Bay defense in Week 2, but they were only able to muster up 10 points. This won’t cut it if they’re looking to make it back to the postseason.

New York Giants

The Take: Brian Dabol >>>>>>>>>> Joe Judge

The G-Men still have a lot of work to do, but after a 2-0 start we’re already seeing how much better Brian Dabol is as a head coach than Joe Judge. For the first time in years the Giants are actually a competitive team.

New York Jets

The Take: Joe Flacco’s still got it.

Cool Joe was on full display against the Browns as he tossed 4 TD passes in the Jets crazy comeback win. He flashed his clutchness by throwing 2 of those TDs in the final 2 minutes of the game. Once Zach Wilson comes back it's his team, but in the meantime, it's fun watching Flacco turn back the clock.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Take: Jalen Hurts is him.

Hurts lit it up both through the air and on the ground vs the Minnesota Vikings in primetime on Monday night. I’ve been saying it all offseason – Hurts is the long term answer for Philly, and he showed it in Week 2.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Take: QB changes need to come.

I was a big proponent for Mitch Trubisky getting a chance at starting again, but the Steelers offense seemed capped with Trubisky at the helm against the Patriots. He’ll likely get a couple more weeks before a change happens, but if Trubisky doesn't step it up in the next game or two, he’s gonna be watching Kenny Pickett from the sidelines.

San Francisco 49ers

The Take: This just sucks.

San Francisco will be just fine with Jimmy Garoppolo, but losing Trey Lance for the season really hurts. The 9ers were all set to hand the keys over to Lance this season and that plan is now delayed another year.

Seattle Seahawks

The Take: They’re back to where we thought they’d be.

The spoiling of Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle may have been more about the moment than the Seattle being a good football team. On Sunday, the Hawks mustered up a lowly 216 total yards of offense and came back to reality losing to San Francisco 27-7.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Take: Brady finally did it.

The Bucs 20-10 win on Sunday marked the first time Brady has beaten the Saints in the regular season since he joined the Bucs. There’s not much Tom Brady can’t do and beating the Saints on Sunday made that list even shorter.

Tennessee Titans

The Take: Run, run, pass, punt.

This might be the most predictable offense in the NFL and Tennessee is going to need to change some things moving forward. Yes, you have Derrick Henry; but until this team threatens defenses somewhat through the air on first and second down, it’s going to be very hard to get King Henry going.

Washington Commanders

The Take: A tale of 2 teams.

It seems like Washington threw out 2 different teams for each half in Sunday’s game against the Lions. Detroit outscored Washington 22-0 in the first half, but Washington won the second half 27-14. It leaves me wondering what Washington could be if they played a full 4 quarters?

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