Aidan Cady and I (Shaun Gold) were back in the studio once again, this time getting ready for the Super Bowl. Check out our Madden Super Bowl matchup between the Rams and Bengals and get our takes on how both teams got to the big game, team breakdowns, the matchups were looking forward to the most, and most important of all - our game predictions!

Now Aidan and I are onto the NFC.... Aidan took the field as the San Francisco 49ers while I played as the Los Angeles Rams. Watch to find out not only what happened in our Madden matchup, but what we foresee happening in tomorrow's big game!

Aidan Cady and I sat down to give our AFC Championship game thoughts and predictions over a game of Madden. Watch as we discuss the upcoming Chiefs / Bengals matchups over a game of Madden featuring the two teams. Enjoy!